About us

We have been here in Tamsweg for a number of years, with our family running both the Waldcamping campground and the Mehlhartlgut riding stables.

The sun-drenched Lungau, a region in the south of the SalzburgerLand, is our home, as well as an outstanding holiday destination for anyone looking to recharge their batteries during their vacation. Nestled between the peaks of the Tauern and the gentle Nockberge mountains, this is where you will find both Tamsweg and our enchanting campground. The broad valley bottom and the many romantic valleys, with their magical streams, offer boundless relaxation and adventure in the fresh, healthy mountain air. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, each season has its own unique appeal, its special beauty and highlights, guaranteeing an idyllic holiday either for you alone, or for your entire family. And so, with any shadow of a doubt, we are able to promise you the ultimate in R&R here in the main town of the Lungau region, at an elevation of 1024m above sea level.

And we make a substantial contribution in our own right. For here with us on the Waldcamping campground in Tamsweg, you never feel like you have been squeezed into a small, oppressive box. This is a place where everyone can stretch out and take a deep breath. Large sites, pleasant sanitary facilities and site reservations – camping with us gives you the room and setting you need in which to feel totally, wonderfully at ease. Everything here is the way it should be. With an open heart and constantly attentive, we are here to fulfil the every wish of our guests. Always. Welcome to our campground!